Let’s Stay Connected!

Hey, SFV Knit Clubbers!

I’ve set up this page so we can keep in touch during this time of the Covid-19, mandated social distancing and “SAFE AT HOME” guidelines!


I’ll kick off the conversation by saying that I’ve been using this time to work on my  hand knit and crochet UFO’s with a glass of cabernet sauvignon by my side .  Alcoholism scares me, as I witnessed a relative totally go down the tubes with it, but on this evening when they are saying 50% of Californians might get the virus, it’s a fun diversion.  I promise to not let it get out of control, and will not get near my knitting machine unless I am absolutely sober.  It helps that my husband does not drink.

We can continue to “show and tell” by posting our latest creations in the comments below, as well as share our concerns, experiences, and insights during this surreal time.

Stay safe, and leave a comment below!!!


43 thoughts on “Let’s Stay Connected!

  1. Great. If they can use our homemade masks, please let us know if there is any fabric/material or other specifics they prefer, and where we can send them or drop them off 🤓.

  2. As I’m hunkered down at home and working toward finishing UFOs and hoping to experiment with macrame, Tunisian crochet, and sewing garments, I’m trying to take steps to keep myself strong. A morning exercise routine (I actually did this in 1995-1998 and was taking yoga classes, too!). From 2016-2018 I did Pilates 1x/week. Since December 2018, aside from walking with a friend on Tuesday mornings, I haven’t done any “exercise” 😜. With the onset of an arthritic knee (I actually bought a cane at Rite Aide) and our new shelter-in-place situation, I am trying to do exercises at home, incorporating the physical therapy exercises I’m supposed to be doing regularly for an injured shoulder.

    My goal is to set up and faithfully do a 30 min set of exercises every morning while we are hunkered down. Good idea, right?I’ve set up my yoga mat, foam roller, etc., in the living room (we won’t be having guests 😬).

    All of this is my lead up to “Bob and Brad” – physical therapists who have a youtube channel. They are super nerdy, but I think very likeable, and have good information and exercises. Here’s their youtube on exercises for good posture:

    I did some of their exercises for my knee pain, which helped a lot. I encourage you to check them out!

    Take care, everyone. Let’s try to not let our bodies go downhill during this time. Gee – maybe we can even emerge from all of this stronger and wiser.


  3. Uh…yes, it’s me again 🤓.

    As hair salons are shuttered – a few people I’ve been texting/talking to are realizing, “What do we do with our roots?” 😲. I’ve never tried doing it in my own, as I have visions of spilling the dye, staining tiles, etc. I just got my hair done last week, but in a month, it’s gonna hit me. I think many people will decide to go gray, including me. As the grays are growing out bandanas, skullcaps, cloches, etc., can be used. Since our common interest is MK, I’m thinking Diana Sullivan’s Take 2 Tam, and this pattern:


    I am a beginner MKer, so I need step-by-step written instructions. Most of you can probably make this in your sleep! This pattern looks like fun, as you can experiment with fairisle (as well as give coverage to your growing greys).

  4. Joann is also posting a need for diy masks to donate to hospitals, that you can drop off at a Joann store. If anyone knows other organizations or people who could use homemade masks, please post:


  5. Hey everyone – I had a session with a wordpress fix-it guy. We can upload photos now! Please post your latest creation. I made my first face mask.


  6. Hi Ruthie – the photo upload is now working. We’d love to see photos of what you’re making or have completed with Stitch Painter 🤓.

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