Let’s Stay Connected!

Hey, SFV Knit Clubbers!

I’ve set up this page so we can keep in touch during this time of the Covid-19, mandated social distancing and “SAFE AT HOME” guidelines!


I’ll kick off the conversation by saying that I’ve been using this time to work on my  hand knit and crochet UFO’s with a glass of cabernet sauvignon by my side .  Alcoholism scares me, as I witnessed a relative totally go down the tubes with it, but on this evening when they are saying 50% of Californians might get the virus, it’s a fun diversion.  I promise to not let it get out of control, and will not get near my knitting machine unless I am absolutely sober.  It helps that my husband does not drink.

We can continue to “show and tell” by posting our latest creations in the comments below, as well as share our concerns, experiences, and insights during this surreal time.

Stay safe, and leave a comment below!!!


43 thoughts on “Let’s Stay Connected!

  1. Hi, fellow knitters.
    Still planning the face masks. I contacted Joann’s and could not get hold of any they “offered”.
    So I am donating my own fabric, bought a roll of elastic and got a connection with several ladies in my area to do some also. My goal: 400. I will let you know if we succeeded. I will take pictures.
    Re: remembering to take care of our bodies: Before yesterday I did a dancing class, through Zoom, payed via Paypal. It gave me a very good feeling about excercising and perspiring profusely. It also took me out of the funk. I had felt pretty “paralyzed” before that, with a sense of passing my days with little done. That changed Tuesday, it made me feel better but it allowed me also to get closer to my feelings about this whole thing.
    Tonight I wrote a poem. I hesitated about it, but I am going to share it:

    Pandemic Covid19, 2020

    Nowhere to run to,
    but inside our own feelings.
    Nowhere to turn to,
    except into ourselves
    where we see the thin line
    between life and death.

    In the lonely fight
    between faith and despair,
    each one of us turns to somewhere
    to find a ray of light.

    Those of us who learned to pray late
    or don’t even know the meaning of prayer
    crave to wake up soon from the nightmare
    that only started and has no end.

    We are new to this level of anguish.
    No generation spared.
    We read the history books
    and believed that we were immune,
    that science had always the cure.

    We make jokes about it,
    because we know we will shed tears
    those of us who are left to find a path
    to a redemption that’s nowhere near.

    It is not in our hands so we move,
    try to help, reach out, do what we forgot
    to do along the way. We prepare for
    the unspeakable that will come.

    We find solace in human kindness.
    We express love that we forgot to tell
    with words, through deeds that give us meaning.
    Sometimes we pray because there is nowhere to turn to.

    Alicia R-L.
    March 26th, 2020
    Be safe, take care of yourselves, you all.

    • I love your poem. This social distancing might be giving us time for deeper introspection and a re-prioritization of our values.. Thank you for posting ! 🐶

  2. Hi everyone – as with many, I’ve been making face masks. Some experts have been telling people only to wear homemade face masks if they are coughing/sneezing, or are caring for someone with those symptoms. Their argument for not using facemasks to go out to the store, etc, is because homemade masks can’t filter out the covid-19 virus, might give us a false sense of security. Anyway, this article supports the use of homemade face masks, which is what I’ve been sputtering these past few weeks! I’m going to email a copy of the article as I send masks to friends and family:


  3. Hello knitters friends, just touching base hoe everybody is doing, here we are fine, still holding up. I was thinking about our monthly meeting, obviously it is not going to happening, but maybe we could still do it via zoom. It is just like Skype but I think it is much better. So ladies, we all have computers, let’s just do it. I will get in touch with Carol since she is in charge of our technical support, By for now.

  4. I have been busy also between knitting , embroidering cleaning and cooking. Here my last work
    Actually, something went wrong because apparently I am not able to upload.

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