Let’s Stay Connected!

Hey, SFV Knit Clubbers!

I’ve set up this page so we can keep in touch during this time of the Covid-19, mandated social distancing and “SAFE AT HOME” guidelines!


I’ll kick off the conversation by saying that I’ve been using this time to work on my  hand knit and crochet UFO’s with a glass of cabernet sauvignon by my side .  Alcoholism scares me, as I witnessed a relative totally go down the tubes with it, but on this evening when they are saying 50% of Californians might get the virus, it’s a fun diversion.  I promise to not let it get out of control, and will not get near my knitting machine unless I am absolutely sober.  It helps that my husband does not drink.

We can continue to “show and tell” by posting our latest creations in the comments below, as well as share our concerns, experiences, and insights during this surreal time.

Stay safe, and leave a comment below!!!


55 thoughts on “Let’s Stay Connected!

  1. This is Alicia.
    This is not an answer to the stuck carriage, but to the suggestion of using Zoom to meet.
    The only problem I have is that I do not use the computer on Saturdays
    However, since we , older ladies, seem to be isolated and stuck at home, could we do the meeting another day? No need to drive anywhere, we could even meet in the late afternoon or evening on a weekday!. Just a suggestion.
    I finished the masks, about 200 and have been distributing.
    I am working on a jacket that was interrupted because my granddaughter, who was married in February, wanted navy blue for the color instead of royal blue. The edge is all crochet, so it has taken me a while, in between shopping for groceries, cooking and cleaning. CAROL, let us know if we can zoom. It would be great, even if it is just to see each other’s faces and chitchat a little.

    • I think is great if we can zoom, just to stay connected. and as Alicia proposed, it does not have to be on Saturday. I am very excited, let’s do it! Hi

  2. Hi Alicia – So good to see your message. In May, I ended up getting involved with an autism parent group, and quickly entered the zoom realm. I have a zoom account where we have no time limit, and can host a meeting for our sfvknitclub.

    What day and time is best for everyone? I just can’t do Tues and Thurs afternoon 🤓.

    • I can Zoom every afternoon/evening/ including, now that days end so early ( so my sabbath ends early also), Saturdays after 7pm. I prefer Sundays or weekdays, but lets find a concensus.
      Great to hear from you gals, Alicia

      • Great. As an fyi, if any members don’t have a zoom account, they can still log in with the link I’ll email to those who are interested.

  3. Kit asked me to post this message:

    I am willing to do Zoom now that they have FINALLY upgraded their security since launching the app. Looking forward to trying zoom for us.

    Let’s do it after Christmas.

  4. I’ve been having fun making hats on my KH260 for the growing greys as the hair salons are shut down . Two questions :

    1. Amazon link for a recommended knitting machine spray?

    2. Amazon link for a simple but effective steamer?

    Any leads will be appreciated!

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