Let’s Stay Connected!

Hi Everyone – It’s been almost a year since I upgraded our website to allow members to upload photos/videos of their latest creations, along with their thoughts, comments (and poems!). Happily, a few of you did contribute and it was heartwarming to stay in touch and share. This website upgrade is up for its annual renewal. Although I suspect by the summer or fall we will be meeting in person again, I’ll keep the upgraded status of this website for another year to allow members to upload photos/videos of their latest creations, as well as comments. This will replace the attempted “forum,” which didn’t take off too spectacularly. It was cumbersome.

Hope all of you are well.



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Hey, SFV Knit Clubbers!

I’ve set up this page so we can keep in touch during this time of the Covid-19, mandated social distancing and “SAFE AT HOME” guidelines!

I’ll kick off the conversation by saying that I’ve been using this time to work on my  hand knit and crochet UFO’s with a glass of cabernet sauvignon by my side .  Alcoholism scares me, as I witnessed a relative totally go down the tubes with it, but on this evening when they are saying 50% of Californians might get the virus, it’s a fun diversion.  I promise to not let it get out of control, and will not get near my knitting machine unless I am absolutely sober.  It helps that my husband does not drink.

We can continue to “show and tell” by posting our latest creations in the comments below, as well as share our concerns, experiences, and insights during this surreal time.

Stay safe, and leave a comment below!!!



131 thoughts on “Let’s Stay Connected!

  1. We became the proud owners of the cutest dog ever, we named him Lucky.
    This is how he looked the first week we had him, when we were not sure what his name would be.


  2. He has filled my life with joy, plenty of walks, lots of exercise that make me remember that I am not 20 any longer. He is 2 years old, adorable, cuddling, easy to love, (house trained also), and hypoallergenic.
    Hubby and I had our vaccines – Moderna_.and are getting ready to take the world.
    With all this activity, no knitting, but it is not surprising. Eventually, I will restart. May be I will be making a doggie sweater?
    This last photo is from today. His hair has grown in the 2 1/2 months we have him. It is so soft!!!!
    I know this is not about knitting, but we stay connected, don’t we?


    • So good to hear from you, Alicia. That’s great you and your husband got your vaccines. Seems like just about everyone around me, including my husband, have gotten their vaccines and are making plans to get together at restaurants 😫. I have to wait – I’m 62 with no underlying health conditions. My guess is the in -person knit club meetings will resume in July or August? We normally take July off (?).


  3. Hey, sfvknitters –

    I know many of you are crocheters, too. My friend’s son gave this to her as a gift. She thinks he got it on etsy. (it’s Bernie 😄).



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