Here are some links favored by the LA SFV Machine Knitters:

About Knitting Machines

Alaskan Maine-iac

Angelika’s Yarn Store

Country Knitting of Maine

Daisy Knits


Knitting Paradise – machine knitting section

Little Knits – discount yarns

Needles of Steel – Anatomy of a Punchcard


Newton’s Yarn Country

Roberta Rose Kelley

Tom the Machine Knitting Guy

Virtual Knitting Machine Museum

youtube: weaver’s knot – demonstrated by Ana Petrova

youtube: “Ask Jack” – Knitting Machine Maintenance

Monthly assignments are given to members to serve as refreshers for experienced MKers, and an opportunity for newbies to learn.

February 2016 Cast-On/Short Row Rags

March 2016:  Tuck Premie Blanket/Dishcloth

April 2016 p.1p.2:  MK Hems

May 2016  p.1,  p.2:  Tension Swatches

June 2016 p.1p.2:  Baby Sweater

July 2016 (no meeting)

August 2016 (no assignment)

September 2016 (no meeting)

October 2016:  Knitting a Neckline, both sides at the same time

November 2016:  hand manipulated stitch patterns

December 2016 (no assignment)

January 2017:   1×1 and 2×2 ribbing

February 2017 (no assignment)

March 2017:  Fairisle swatch for “Cut & Sew” demo

April 2017:  Sew red “Cut & Sew” line on Fairisle swatch

May 2017:  Use your body block size to draw out an mk pattern

June 2017:  Cut-and-Sew Bands

May 2018: Making Picot Edges